Energy is everything.


When you feel mentally stressed, emotionally drained, physically depleted or disconnected from your spirit, energy is the source of it all.

Energy is in constant flux.

And you have the opportunity to intentionally care for yours at any moment.

You can choose how to respond to the world around you.

You can change the energy you hold within.

You can create more calm, joy, vitality, purpose and whatever you desire by simply knowing what you energetically need.

When you become aware of how energy works, you become a conscious creator of your life.

Shannon Whealy

You deserve to live at your highest vibration.

I’m Shannon Whealy, an Energy Practitioner who can help you reset, balance, understand and transform your
own energy.

Utilizing the energetic practices of Reiki, Astrology and Yoga, I can support you to create more ease and
flow in your entire being and empower you with simple practices to manage and elevate it every day.

Energy Discovery and Balancing Session

$125 / 60-minutes

In this integrative experience, you’ll learn the current state of your energy, how to manage and increase its flow, and be supported in a calming and restorative treatment session.

Utilizing the energy centers of the body and the healing system of Reiki, your energy can reset and harmonize on all levels to create peace of mind, increase vitality, facilitate better sleep, speed recovery time from illness and help you move through life with more ease.

Your session will be customized to what you need in the moment, and you’ll receive guidance and suggested tools to support yourself on a daily basis.

Available in-person.

The Energy of Astrology Discovery Session

$175 / 60-minutes

Empower your wellness by learning your unique energetic blueprint.

Through the lens of your Astrological natal chart, you can discover your strengths, gifts and challenges, learn how to better navigate life experiences, plan for the future and cultivate more compassion for yourself.

This enlightening session includes a copy of your chart, a summary of your three signature energies and suggested tools to help you better support your well being and express the full essence of who you are.

Available in-person or virtually.

Energy Maintenance & Coaching Sessions

$75 / 45-minute session

These sessions are designed for ongoing exploration, management and support of your energetic health following an initial discovery session.

They will be customized to exactly what you need each time, whether it’s relaxing Reiki, a deeper dive into your Astrology, a soothing or invigorating Yoga practice or a combination of all three.

Available in-person or virtually.

To schedule an energy session or book a free 15-minute phone consultation with Shannon Whealy, please email her directly at

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Sometimes in the winds of change ~ we find our true direction.

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