Telehealth: Where Technology Meets Health Care


Scheduling visits with your wellness provider is easier than ever before, thanks to Telehealth Services from Healthwise. By embracing advancements in communication, we can offer our clients a service where technology meets health care.


Telehealth delivers and facilitates health care, health information, and health education services using electronic and telecommunications technologies.

The service supports communication with your therapist through two-way audio and video conferencing, making appointments flexible for your convenience. If you are unable to make it to the clinic due to illness, mobility issues, weather, scheduling conflicts, or any other reason, the care you seek is still within reach.


Whether at home, in your office or college dorm room, or even traveling for business or pleasure, our Telehealth Services are easily accessible. What’s more, Telehealth negates the need to deal with traffic and drive time or take an afternoon away from work for a visit to the clinic. Wait times also become a thing of the past, as the virtual sessions take place wherever you are and in real-time.


Using HIPAA-compliant technology, your meetings and discussions via text, live video conferencing, audio and video communication, or other media are secure and private. Patients can meet with providers using practically any browser-enabled device.

For even more convenience, Telehealth is also available using a downloadable, protected Video Health Services app. Creating an account is easy. All you need is an email address and internet access. Our website has detailed information on setting up your secure account.


Healthwise wants to make your health and wellness experience as beneficial and easy as possible. We appreciate the ability to provide care at your convenience and bring our services to you, anytime and anywhere.

Contact us to request an appointment. Visit our website to learn more about Telehealth and to discover all the services we offer for your overall emotional health.