8 simple ways to practice daily self love

8 simple ways to practice daily self love

The month of February brings attention to the vibration of love.

Love is everything.

It’s the energy that connects us to each other. It brings meaning to our lives. It is the true essence of our beings.

And we have unlimited access to it.

However, as humans, we create barriers to feeling the vibration of love within ourselves. We suppress emotions. We hold on to limiting beliefs. We disconnect from the present moment. We build unhealthy habits to soothe ourselves.

We can remove some of these barriers by practicing self love through three things – appreciation, forgiveness and acceptance.

When we practice self love, we both give and receive. It then becomes easier to share our love with others and open our hearts to receive it. This creates a beautiful balance in the universe, and contributes compassion and empathy to the collective vibration.

In other words, loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give to the world.

This month is a wonderful time to commit to a daily practice of self love. And here are some simple ways to do it:

8 simple ways to practice daily self love

1. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Look deeply into your eyes for one full minute every day and remember that love is the true essence of your being.
2. Hug yourself. Give and receive compassion by wrapping your arms around your shoulders for 20-30 seconds a day.
3. Express gratitude. Write down three things you appreciate about yourself each morning when you wake up, or each night when you go to bed.
4. Speak affirmations. Whenever you think of it as you go about your day, silently or aloud repeat self-affirmations such as: “I am enough.” or “ I love and accept myself.”
5. Meditate. Unplug for 5 minutes a day to connect with yourself. Focus on your breath moving through your heart and the equal balance of giving and receiving with your inhales and exhales.
6. Ask your body what it needs. Each day, take a moment to check in with your body. How does it feel physically and energetically? Does it need more sleep, more movement, to get outside, to be nurtured with a healthy meal?
7. Forgive. If you’re holding a grudge against someone or yourself, take steps to reconcile it and/or release it by writing it down and burning the paper.
8. Display a childhood photo. Use it as your phone wallpaper or place it where you will be reminded to love the sweet, innocent child who still lives in your heart.

For more tools and practices that will help you build a daily self love routine, join us for our Self Care for the Heart workshop on Sunday, February 9th at 4:30pm.