Creative Healing: How Art Therapy Transforms Lives

Art therapy offers a unique and powerful way to enhance mental health. At Healthwise, we’re excited to introduce Sarah Theisen, a dedicated art therapist who uses creative processes to help individuals on their mental health journeys.

Meet Sarah Theisen

Sarah Theisen is a Registered Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. She integrates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), narrative therapy, and trauma-informed care into her sessions. With her broad expertise, Sarah tailors her approach to meet each client’s unique needs, creating a supportive and empowering environment.

Art Therapy in Practice

Art therapy is more than just making art—it’s about expressing feelings that are hard to put into words. Sarah believes that art allows emotions to take shape, helping clients process and understand their experiences.

“The creative process, combined with different psychology techniques, allows space to integrate healing on a cognitive, biological, and emotional level,” Sarah explains. Her personal experience with art as a healing tool during her teenage years drives her passion for using it in therapy today.

Benefits of Art Therapy

Engaging in art therapy has many benefits. Clients often see improvements in mood, reduced anxiety, and better ways to handle life transitions and self-esteem issues. Art helps activate different brain pathways, fostering new connections and insights.

“Any type of art-making is therapeutic just by the act of creating it. The brain is forced to use different neurotransmitters when being creative with any art medium,” Sarah notes.

Patient Stories and Testimonials

Sarah loves seeing her clients have ‘light-bulb moments’ when they discover new insights through art therapy. These breakthroughs can lead to lasting changes and give clients physical reminders of their progress.

“Clients have found new meanings, new words, or connected the dots in a different way using creative outlets,” Sarah says. “Art can be transformed into anything they need it to be. Sometimes it’s destroyed or changed completely, reflecting their personal journey.”

Simple Art Exercises for Mental Wellness

Sarah suggests some simple art exercises you can try at home to boost your mental wellness:

  • Scribble Art: Start with a scribble and then turn it into something new, like using different colors in each section, similar to a stained glass window.
  • Breath and Line Art: Draw a line while you exhale. Try different breathing techniques and notice how your lines change.

Art therapy at Healthwise provides a unique approach to mental health care, blending traditional therapy with creative expression. Under Sarah Theisen’s guidance, clients can explore new ways to heal and grow.

If you’re interested in how art therapy can benefit your mental health, contact our team to schedule a consultation. Together, let’s discover the positive impact that art therapy can have on your well-being!