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What Would You Hear if You Listened to Your Heart?

One of my favorite artists, Diane English, captioned a piece that reads, in part, “…What would you hear if you listened to your beautiful heart?” Do you know what your heart is saying? Have you been listening? Meditation helps us quiet our mind so we can hear what our beautiful heart and soul have to tell us. Our heart and soul know what we need at the deepest level of consciousness. Hearing messages from our heart is akin to hearing from a spirit, God, or whatever name you may have chosen for the higher power which guides you.

There are numerous different styles of meditation, just as there are with yoga. In certain meditations, the meditator begins the practice by setting an intention (or goal) or by asking a question, such as “what is my purpose?” Then the practice begins and you listen to the messages your heart has for you.

Practice and Purpose

As you meditate more frequently or for longer periods of time and become more comfortable with the practice, you will find you more frequently have periods of time without thoughts creeping into your mind. At first, it appears as you notice you started thinking about something, only to realize prior to that you hadn’t been thinking about anything! It’s quite exciting the first time it happens. It is in these “gaps” that you are truly open to receiving the messages of your heart and the universe.

We are each put on this earth as individuals who have a special purpose in life. Some people are fortunate to have already found and pursued their “calling.” However, there are many people who have no idea what their calling is. This can be frustrating. It would be so much easier if someone could just tell us what we should be dedicating our lives to.

Meditation is the closest you can get to your higher power and it is in listening to the feedback from your heart that you can gauge which direction you should go. The feedback you receive may not even happen during meditation, so be aware of your surroundings.

Don’t Ignore It

Often we are put in situations or locations that serve as confirmation of what brings us to life.  Don’t ignore activities or locations that invigorate you. This is an opportunity to stop and meditate, asking questions such as “What is it that is attracting me to …”.

Sometimes something catches your eye, or makes you double glance, or even stops you in your tracks and you have no idea why. Those are the moments, the opportunities, to stop and listen.  Really listen to what it is about this place, person, or event that your beautiful heart is wanting you to take notice of.

It’s funny because there are people who, once they begin following their hearts, can look back over years passed and see what appear now to be obvious signs of the path they were meant to pursue.  Events, books, people they’ve met who, over time, slowly helped build the foundation of what was needed to help launch them on their special purpose.

You need not beat yourself up over taking years to realize your path in life. It will happen in perfect timing and when it is for your highest good. The reasons why a year ago or 10 years ago may not have been perfect timing are not always going to be known to us. What we must trust is that when the circumstances are right, it is time to trust in what we are hearing from our beautiful heart, and leap! You deserve to share your beauty and talent with the world.

Wendy Lotter, MHSA, is a Certified Master Meditation Instructor and Certified Health Coach teaching workshops and classes at Healthwise Studio. She speaks at corporate events and conferences and also sees clients privately. Her business can be visited at www.kindmind.guru

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