Our Mind Body Studio: A Holistic Approach

Our mind-body studio brings an innovative approach to behavioral health. One that welcomes an exploration of other complimentary modalities for improving emotional health and well-being.


Yoga for Emotional Health

The power of yoga is that it operates on all levels – mental, physical and spiritual. We know the three are connected and that a change in one can effect a change in the others but the power of yoga is that it works with all three at once.

Yoga uses postures or movements, breath and meditation to connect with your inner experience – the part that is often neglected but which has an enormous impact on physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

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Integrative Physical Therapy

Integrative physical therapy opens the doors for whole-body healing. Our bodies carry innate wisdom and often speak to us in the form of symptoms, aches, pains, and injuries. Our integrative approach to physical therapy includes an in-depth evaluation of movements and postures while assessing your strengths and weaknesses.

Throughout the process, we design a mindful movement practice tailored to your specific needs to address holding patterns, promote strength and wellness, and relieve tension on your own.

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HRV Biofeedback

Offered in conjunction with therapy, biofeedback can help reduce anxiety, lift depression, and improve stress management. Learn how to effectively calm and re-balance your own nervous system naturally.

It's particularly helpful to understand why we experience sleep problems, physical fatigue, and irritability during periods of high stress, and why we feel much better physically when we are experiencing positive emotions.

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When you feel mentally stressed, emotionally drained, physically depleted or disconnected from your spirit, energy is the source of it all.

Energy is in constant flux. And you have the opportunity to intentionally care for yours at any moment.

You can choose how to respond to the world around you.

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Meditative practices can be a key practice in reducing stress. At Healthwise, offer a variety of meditation options. Our classes and workshops are available to help you learn grounding and relaxation in addition to meditation-specific techniques that can be very beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety.

Stress reduction is critical to having a good life experience, feeling gratitude, and keeping a positive attitude in the face of challenges. Whether you’re dealing with short-term or chronic stress, our classes and workshops can transform your life for the better.

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Wellness Workshops & Classes

We often leave a healthcare provider’s office with suggestions of what we need to do or need to change to feel better. However, doing things differently is often easier said than done. This is where we come in.

The workshops and series classes at Healthwise integrate mind-body education with practice so that you can “learn by doing.” Not only do we provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills, but our studio space allows for active learning (practice).

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Innovative Behavioral Healthcare

Ask around, Google us or even check with your local doctor- the consensus is that Health wise comes highly recommended! Serving our community for over a decade, our referral sources have come to expect a high level of quality care.

Our healthcare partnerships offer a feedback loop that help us to stay in touch with what services are needed in our community and help us to continually evaluate how we are doing.

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Sometimes in the winds of change ~ we find our true direction.

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