Welcome Back to (a New) Routine at Healthwise Studio

As our lives have drastically shifted these past 18 months, we’ve had to adjust our work, school, and social routines over and over. While all this disruption can ultimately make us more resilient, the toll it’s taking on our nervous systems is causing an abundance of stress, fatigue, and unease. Self-care routines can help, and so can we. Welcome back to (a new) routine at Healthwise Studio.


No matter how different daily routines look this year, the ones we create for ourselves offer stability and comfort. When the world feels turned upside down, methodic habits are a powerful way to soothe and calm our beings.

Maybe it’s a few minutes of journaling in the morning, a lunchtime meditation, or an evening walk. However routine looks for you, an intentional practice to care for yourself is essential for vitality and peace.

At Healthwise Studio, we offer you a nurturing space to cultivate a self-care routine. We’re excited to announce that in September, our studio will be back to a regular schedule of mind-body services to support your wellness needs.

Whether you’re looking to try something new or reestablish a practice, we welcome you and your family to join us, either in person or virtually.


Weekly yoga sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings provide opportunities to calm your mind, move your body, and restore your energy. Our classes are accessible to all levels of experience. See our full fall schedule to find a class that’s right for you.


We’re also delighted to offer weekly mindfulness classes for kids. These classes are especially supportive during this transitional time. Our mindfulness workshops help children manage anxiety, develop self-esteem, increase awareness, and enhance memory. Visit our schedule to learn more and to register your child today.


In addition to classes that cultivate calm, Healthwise has a new Energy Care provider. Realize and achieve relaxing and restorative treatments as well as guidance for balancing and supporting your energy levels every day. Learn more about the benefits of Energy Care and schedule your free consultation.


Watch for upcoming meditation, yoga, and other wellness workshops in the coming months. We have waited a long time and can’t wait to get back into a routine with you at Healthwise Studio. At Healthwise, we offer a holistic approach to wellness as well as supportive healthcare services to help you feel better. Begin your transformation and improve your emotional health and well-being today. Contact us to learn more.