Partnering with physicians & healthcare professionals

At Healthwise, we are proud to partner with physicians and healthcare professionals in order to ensure the best chance of success for our patients. We believe that true emotional, physical, and mental wellness requires a comprehensive and collaborative approach.

We recognize that many forms of mental health disorders are the result of medical conditions. From the dementia and depression associated with diabetes, to the chemical disturbances of bipolar disorder, we believe these conditions must dealt with on both a medical and psychological level.

Healthwise offers therapeutic services for medically-related issues, such as:


Other mental health conditions, while less clearly rooted in an ongoing medical problem, nonetheless respond well to a combination of therapy and direct medical treatment. By recognizing the blended nature of conditions such as depression and anxiety, overall health can be supported by using psychological services to manage one aspect of the illness, and medication to manage another.

We offer therapeutic services for a variety of psychological issues, including:

We also offer neuropsychological and psychological evaluations:
  • ADHD Evaluations
  • General Mental Health / Differential Diagnosis
  • Neuropsychological Evaluations (Dementia, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, TBI, etc.)
  • Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluations (Bariatric, Spinal Cord Stimulator, etc.)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluations
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Evaluations
  • Chemical Dependency Evaluations
  • PTSD Evaluations
  • Chronic pain Evaluations
  • Anger Assessments
  • Court-ordered Evaluations / Forensic Evaluations
Healthwise also offers:

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