Learn to effectively self calm, relax and re-balance


Offered in conjunction with therapy, biofeedback can help reduce anxiety, lift depression, and improve stress management. Learn how to effectively calm and re-balance your own nervous system naturally.

Mind-Body Interaction

It's particularly helpful to understand why we experience sleep problems, physical fatigue, and irritability during periods of high stress, and why we feel much better physically when we are experiencing positive emotions. HRV Biofeedback training uses this to teach individuals how to become aware of stress effects before their reserves become depleted, how to regulate their reaction to stress in the moment, and how to shift their own internal state to one that renews our physiological reserves.

Feeling Stressed?

Learn more about how to better manage its effects on you.

The interplay between emotion, stress and physiological activation can be seen here:
Biofeedback. emotion, stress and psychiological activation

Psychological Outcomes of Biofeedback:

  • increased internal awareness
  • ability to self-regulate reactivity to internal or external stressors
  • ability to self-regulate mood
  • regained sense of control
  • increased control of pain level, stress level and other symptoms
  • less emotional and psychological agitation

Physiological Outcomes of Biofeedback:

  • correction of dysfunction or imbalance within the autonomic system
  • activation of the body’s natural relaxation response
  • deactivation of the Human Stress Response
  • less physical agitation

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