Our family is so happy with the therapists we see at Healthwise. Everyone is so friendly and makes us feel comfortable and at ease. The atmosphere is great and makes you feel at home.

– K.P. Plymouth

Absolute SANCTUARY! You will begin to notice a shift in heart & mind from the moment you open the door. The yoga is healing, meeting me right where I am. A true homecoming at Healthwise. #refuge

– M. S Rogers

Before I started working with a therapist at Healthwise I had no idea that being connected to myself could change my life. Through compassion, inquiry and care my therapist continues to encourage me through a dynamic journey of healing and hope. The decision to seek therapy was the bravest and best choice I have ever made.

– K.L Otsego

The space is absolutely beautiful! I really enjoyed the class I attended here. The instructor was excellent and I left the class feeling refreshed and whole. It was a great experience. I hurt my neck several times in the past and was encouraged to only do what I could do. The whole session was very beautiful, would definitely recommend to anyone with any yoga abilities.

– A.W Plymouth

I came to Healthwise to have my child evaluated for ADHD. I was beyond impressed with how detailed, thorough and accurate the psychologist was in her evaluation. She really steered us in the right direction and our child is finally getting the help he needs.

– D.S., Maple Grove

As a physician, I have been making referrals to Healthwise for three years now. I have been thoroughly impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. My patients give me positive feedback about their experiences at Healthwise.

– Referring Doctor

The office staff at Healthwise is incredible helpful, efficient and friendly; answering questions promptly and accurately.

– K.L Otsego

Shout out to an awesome yoga teacher! Not your typical yoga class. So much better!

– C.D Otsego

I have been seeing my therapist regularly and she has been a great help to me emotionally and psychologically. I feel better about myself and about my interactions with others. She has given me tools to improve my communication skills and has reinforced my sense of self-worth. My therapist has an amazing demeanor and makes me feel so comfortable opening up and sharing the painful details of my life.

– E.B. Plymouth

I had the opportunity to try out a yoga practice tonight for free. What an amazing space! Great sound system and the best yoga instructor ever. Excellent temperature & beautiful space. I am very grateful to have been able to try it out!

– B. R Maple Grove

I have been working with my psychologist at Healthwise on and off for two years now. I honestly feel like she understands me and she has helped me in so many ways. I am not sure where I'd be without her help and support.

– G.L., Maple Grove

The space here is gorgeous and the people are amazing. I can't wait to try some of the other classes.

– M.C Rogers

My therapist taught me how to deal with my anxiety by using Biofeedback. It was easy for me to understand and really helped me learn how I can use my body to calm my mind and feelings.

– A.N. Otsego

Incredible studio with a healthy balance of yoga and psychology! Worth every penny.

– K.G Otsego

Sometimes in the winds of change ~ we find our true direction.

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