Co-dependency occurs when one person puts another person’s needs ahead of his or her needs on a consistent basis. Co-dependent relationships can be very one-sided, dysfunctional, and emotional destructive. It’s common that one person is being controlled or manipulated by another.

Symptoms of co-dependence include but are not limited to low self-esteem, poor communication, reactivity to the person who is in control, reluctance to share true feelings and thoughts, and valuing the approval of others over self. Sometimes, a dependence on alcohol or drugs may develop as a way to avoid difficult emotions.

Co-dependency is more than just a relationship problem; it's an individual problem and it requires individual treatment to escape a toxic environment. Therapy can help you learn to tell people the truth about how you feel and what you are or aren’t willing to do for them.

As you learn how to deal with potentially unpleasant reactions from others, you can become a self-respecting, authentic and genuine person in your relationships.

Our team at Healthwise offers co-dependency therapies that include:

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