Childhood depression


Feeling sad and down from time to time is a normal and healthy human emotion, even in children and teenagers. And like adults, children and teens can experience depression, which is a type of mood disorder common in young and old.

It can be hard for parents and other adults, such as teachers, to recognize depression in children or teens. Many parents ask: “How can I tell the difference between my child just being sad, or being depressed?” If the sadness becomes constant, is unshakeable for weeks or months, and begins to change your child’s personality, it may be a sign he/she is depressed.

While symptoms can vary from child to child, commons warning signs include anger, increased sensitivity and reactivity, changes in sleep and appetite, fatigue or low energy, social withdrawal, lack of interest in activities he/she used to enjoy, or academic issues.

Even physical complaints such as a stomachache or headache can be a symptom of depression.

The good news is that depression in children and teens is very treatable with the right therapies and certain medications if necessary. Seeking therapy early can be extremely helpful, significantly improving your child or teen’s quality of life.

Our Healthwise team uses a variety of therapy approaches to treat child and teen depression, including:

Our team works with other members of the care team that includes pediatricians or primary care providers, psychiatrists, teachers, social workers, tutors, and others as necessary.

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