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Self-harm, also known as self-injury, is an act(s) of deliberately harming yourself. While it’s not meant to be a suicide attempt, it is a way of expressing and managing deep distress, emotional pain, control, and anger.

Self-harming behavior may occur just a couple of times, or may be a longer-term, repetitive behavior. It can manifest itself in many ways, including cutting, scratching, hitting, punching, or burning surfaces of the body, often on the arms, legs, and torso. The behavior often leads to a temporary sense of calm, followed by shame or guilt.

Most people who self-injure do so in private, in a controlled manner, and perform injury that leaves patterns on the skin. They try to keep what they are doing a secret, even from loved ones. Eventually, the secrecy and negative emotions affect relationships with friends and family, and the way they feel about themselves.

If you are considering harming yourself, or if you already self-harm, it’s important you get help. While there is no diagnostic test for self-harm, our team at Healthwise can help you take the first steps toward treatment. Our self-harm therapies include:

Our team works with other members of the care team that includes primary care providers and psychiatrists.

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