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Disease or some form of serious illness will likely affect every person at some time or another, whether it is directly (one’s own condition) or indirectly (a friend or family member’s condition). The onset and existence of medical health issues and illnesses may contribute to feelings of sadness, anxiety and/or anger.

Working with a therapist can help one address the realities of one’s condition and explore methods to maintain good mental health, even while coping with physical challenges. Some studies also indicate that certain conditions may improve when stress-reduction techniques and mental health treatment are part of the treatment process, along with medicine, physical therapy, surgery, and/or other medical

How one responds to mood, fatigue, medications, and interactions with caregivers and health care providers are all shown to improve with therapy. Therapies we offer include:

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Innovative approach to healthcare

Our mind-body studio brings an innovative approach to healthcare. One that welcomes an exploration of other complimentary modalities for improving emotional health and well-being.

As we recognize that for some "getting out of our head" can be a challenge we also understand doing just that can help us to make that vital connection with ourselves. A connection that can often result in creating the real and deep changes we crave.

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Sometimes in the winds of change ~ we find our true direction.

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