Essential Oils


What are essential oils?

When you enjoy the scent of a flower, you are experiencing the aromatic qualities of an essential oil.

Essential oils are natural and powerful aromatic compounds that are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots and flowers of plants and trees.

They protect plants against environmental threats and when they are extracted and distilled for purity, potency and efficacy, they can be used in food preparation, beauty treatment and health-care practices. Their benefits have been known for centuries!

How can essential oils enhance your wellness?

The delicate ratio of aromatic constituents found in any given essential oil are what make it unique and give it specific benefits.

Essential oils are diverse and can be used for a wide range of physical and emotional wellness applications. For example, Peppermint oil is known to alleviate stomach upset and Lavender oil is known for its calming effects.

Why are essential oils so effective for emotional health?

Because the aromatic molecules in essential oils have direct access to the limbic area, or emotional seat, of the brain, smell is the fastest way to affect mood.

Inhaling the scents of specific oils can elicit profound emotional responses to help you uplift your spirits, find comfort and balance, or ease anxiety.

If you’d like to learn how to use the power of essential oils for your personal wellness, we offer FREE Classes!
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Essential Oils for Family Health & Immune Support

Date: 9/22 | Time: 11:30am - 12:15pm

Instructor: Laura Honeck

Back to school means back to fighting germs! Essential oils to the rescue! Support your family’s resistance to germs with natural solutions. Sample oils and learn how to create routines in your family that lead to better overall health and wellness.

Clean Routine Makeover: How to use essential oils to reduce toxins in home

Dates: 9/26 & 10/24 | Time: 11:30am - 12:15pm

Instructor: Laura Honeck

Are you ready to rid your home of toxins and hormone disruptors? Start by making over your cleaning routine! Learn how easy and cost effective it is to make your own cleaners with 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and common household staples. Sample oils and homemade cleaners. Build confidence with recipes and create an action plan to reduce your exposure to toxins.

Essential Oils for Post Partum & Baby Care

Date:10/1 | Time: 8:15pm - 9:00pm

Instructor: Laura Honeck

You’ve got everything ready and waiting for baby, but have you thought about your own recovery and self care? Learn about how 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils can support you as you heal from birth and transition physically, emotional and spiritually into this new being called “mother.” Sample oils and learn about simple homemade solutions to support healing, boost mood and ease feelings of anxiousness.

Essential Oils 101

Date: 10/10 | Time: 11:30am - 12:15pm

Instructor: Laura Honeck

Are you looking for an alternative for your family’s ailments, first aid and emotional needs? Lead a life of wellness using therapeutic grade Essential Oils! 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils to help you live a healthier lifestyle

Learn introductory information about essential oils, their most common and impactful uses for your well being and how they can positively impact your quality of life.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy & Birth

Date: 10/29 | Time: 8:15pm - 9:00pm

Instructor: Laura Honeck

Pregnancy is a time of heightened awareness about what we put in and on our bodies. Learn about safe and effective natural solutions to reduce your exposure to toxins, ease discomfort, and support your pregnancy and birth. Sample safe, 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils take note of which oils should be avoided. Learn how hospitals are incorporating oils into the birthing suite and what your options are to support you and your partner with natural solutions during birth.

Aromatherapy For The Whole Family

Date: 10/6, 10/20, 11/17, & 12/1 | Time: 12:00pm - 12:30pm

Instructor: Laura Honeck & Mira Binzen

Occasional tummy discomfort, stress, emotional upset, and boo-boos can all be treated safely and effectively at home with the use of essential oils. Engage with your kids in a fun, interactive exploration of the many uses of essential oils for your family and also for your home. Participate in a journey through the life of an essential oil, from a plant growing in one of 43 different countries around the world, through the harvest, to the distillation, into a bottle. Learn about the growers and distillers too.

Find out about safe, effective use of essential oils for immune support, nutrition,focus, balance, and day-to-day first aid. Empower yourself to become a healer in your own home with the use of pure, potent plant power. Natural health solutions are often safer,faster, more effective and less expensive than other options. Essential oils support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being.

Remedy Bar & Holiday Joy

Date: 11/17 | Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Instructor: Laura Honeck & Mira Binzen

Have a custom"cocktail" of essential oils blended for you based on your needs andinterests. Maybe your custom blend will address a system of the body - such asdigestive or musculoskeletal. Or, you may want a blend for emotions, mood orbetter sleep.

Choose from a menu of blend recipes like LazerFocus, Sweet Dreams, Worries Away or Clear The Clutter.

Experienced oil educators are on hand to helpyou with your blends and show you safe and effective use of essentialoils. Resource materials will be available to discover oil qualities. Youcan become your own mixologist then create and name your own blend. It maybecome the next house favorite.

10ml Rollerballs are $10 each. ($15 for "IAm Fabulous" blends) Bring cash!

This is open house style. Come by anytime inthis 2-hour "Bar Open" time. Welcome to bring a friend andcreate gifts for friends and family while you’re here. Please RSVP so we havethe right amount of supplies on hand. Here's to your health!


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